Five Fellows


Five Fellows Project Mission
Our goal is to support restaurants that serve Japanese food in Europe, mainly Germany.
  • We propose ways to change the traditional way of purchasing ingredients and provide high quality products at the lowest possible price, increasing customer satisfaction while not increasing the cost rate.
  • Regarding beverages, we will propose products after a hearing/meeting with your company.
  • We also provide consulting for restaurants that want to introduce Teppanyaki.


About beverage menu creation First, look for something to add to your existing menu that goes well with Japanese food.

How did you come up with and compose the original menu?

The customers' conversations are lively, and smiles spill out from their mouths as they deliver the food. For all of us who work in the food and beverage industry, this is the moment when we think, ``I'm glad we did what we did.'' We want people living far away from Japan to take a break, and we want to convey the depth of Japanese cuisine to people from all over the world. Why not make that dream come true by using drinks and ingredients that you couldn't use before? Give your customers a special dish that can only be tasted at your store. Our sommeliers and food coordinators are here to help.


How do you procure drinks and ingredients to realize your original menu?

Do you need complicated procedures or contracts with vendors?

I want to do something about the complexity of purchasing!

Purchasing beverages and ingredients can be extremely difficult and troublesome, especially when it comes to special and rare items. In order to differentiate yourself from other stores, it may be unavoidable to segment your suppliers. Additionally, there may be a minimum quantity limit when purchasing from producers. It would be a shame if your company's menu had to change due to the complexity of purchasing! We will take care of the ``troublesome'' tasks for you and help ensure smooth operations.


You can purchase in bulk from us.

I can't keep a large amount of inventory! There is no place to store inventory!

The drinks and ingredients we provide can be sold in small lots. We deliver what you need when you need it, so you don't have to worry about having large amounts of inventory. In addition, all of our products are stored in the best possible manner, so we can provide them to our customers with peace of mind.



Five Fellowsプロジェクトのミッション


  • 食材は今までの商品仕入れの流れを変えて高品質のものをできるだけ低価格で提供し、お客様の満足度をあげつつも原価率はあげないように提案します。
  • 飲料は御社とのヒヤリング・ミーティング後に商品提案させていただきます。
  • 鉄板焼きを導入されたいお店に関してはコンサルティングも承ります。























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