About transactions

Applicable to restaurants and retail stores. (For individual customers, we will introduce restaurants and retail stores that carry our products.)

Please contact us by email or phone.

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Phone: +49 (0) 6924448477


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About purchasing ingredients and drinks

We have been running a Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt for 35 years.

Since 2016, we have been purchasing various ingredients and drinks for our restaurants directly from producers through our own channels.

However, the reality is that costs are often high due to transportation costs, purchase volume, etc.

Therefore, we started this project to solve this problem through a type of joint purchasing.

We will contact you 1-2 weeks in advance with the price list of fresh foods that are scheduled to arrive. We will take your pre-order and ship it as soon as it becomes available.

If we decide after the hearing meeting that it is better to purchase without going through our company, we may introduce you to another supplier.


Beverage menu production *Beverage menu production starts from 800 euros (Netto). (Does not include material cost)

Flow of beverage menu creation

We will listen to your preferences during an online hearing meeting. (free)
We will contact you with a quote. If you decline at this point, there is no charge.

Our staff will visit your store and have a final meeting.

We will deliver the item within 2 weeks.






メール: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

電話:  +49 (0) 6924448477 










飲料メニュー製作 *飲料メニュー製作は800ユーロ(Netto) から承っております。(マテリアル代金は含みません)


  • オンラインでのヒヤリング・ミーティングにてご希望を伺います。(無料)
  • お見積りをご連絡します。この時点で断っていただく場合は無料です。
  • 弊社スタッフが貴店に伺い、最終打ち合わせををいたします。
  • 2週間以内に納品に伺います。
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